5 Haunted Hotels Around the World

Whether you are a beginner paranormal investigator, or just looking for new ideas for your next holiday, why not try spend the night at one of the world’s most spooky places to stay?

These ghostly getaways may confirm your beliefs in the supernatural, challenge your cynicism, or just provide a good story for your friends and family to enjoy!

You can partake of ghost tours if you like, or hole up in your room and enjoy modern comforts as you please, since there’s no need to compromise on luxury just because you’re hunting up spirits.

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1. Dalhousie Castle

Scotland’s Dalhousie Castle was built back in the 13th century, so it’s not surprising that it has a storied history. Many spirits apparently roam the property, but Sir Alexander Ramsay is a particularly popular sighting. It is said that in 1342 Sir Ramsay was starved to death by a William Douglas, and has spent the intervening years roaming the grounds seeking his revenge. You may also run in to the Grey Lady after sunset, the ghost of a Lady Catherine, who haunts the dungeon.

2. The Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast

Yes, you can actually stay at the Borden family home in Fall River, Massachusetts, in the USA. The infamous murder site is now a bed and breakfast that celebrates its most infamous former resident.

The house also functions as a museum dedicated to the suspected killer, her father, and stepmother, and strange things are known to occur. Doors open and close by themselves, and a mysterious floral aroma that some say is a sign of Lizzie’s ongoing presences occasionally, and unexplainably, perfumes the air.

3. Ross Castle

Located on the banks of a lake in Ireland’s County Meath, this castle from the 15th century is a bed and breakfast these days.

According to the locals, an evil English lord known as the Black Baron haunts the grounds, while his daughter stalks the halls.

4. The Russell Hotel

The Russell Hotel is located in Sydney, Australia, and offers guests the best of both worlds. It is located near some of the city’s most interesting modern-day attractions and a ghost or two from days gone by.

There is a sailor who is said to have never checked out of Room 8, and many visitors have reported his presence along with the sound of someone walking over creaking floors in seemingly empty rooms.

5. Toftaholm Herrgår​d

This five-star Swedish hotel is located alongside the Lake Vidöstern in Lagan, and started out as a private manor belonging to an affluent Baron. The property is said to be haunted by a young man who committed suicide is what is now Room 324 after the Baron was unwilling to let his daughter marry the boy.

Many tourists have reported seeing the anguished gentlemen roaming the building, and windows are said to close on their own. Do you dare spend the night?