5 Tips to Keep in Mind When Traveling to Egypt

Egypt is one of those countries that can be a real culture shock, and knowing what to expect especially if you are a first time visitor will make sure that your trip is both enjoyable and safe.

1. Best Time to Visit

Between October and April is the best time to visit Egypt, and during this time it is less crowded and the temperatures are pleasant.  The high season is between October to February when the weather is warm and there is a bit of rain.

Low season is June through August when it is extremely hot and not a great time to sightsee especially in the afternoon.

2. What to Wear

Egypt is a conservative country and you should dress modestly and for females always ensure that your knees and shoulders are covered.  If visiting a temple or a mosque make sure your head is covered and that you take off your shoes, but if you arrive and do not have anything to cover yourself the staff will more than likely help you with a robe.  It is acceptable to wear swimwear, but only at the Red Sea resorts.

Men can wear shorts during the day, but in the evening pants or jeans are required and swimwear can only be worn at the Red Sea resorts.  Clothing like tank tops or sleeveless shirts are not suitable and the evenings do tend to get cool so always bring something warm with you.

3. Drink Bottled Water

It is advisable not to drink the tap water in Egypt, it is not dangerous, but has a high concentration of chlorine, which does not taste good and may cause stomach upset.

Bottled water is a better option and it is important to stay hydrated especially when exploring during the day when it is hot to avoid heat stroke or dehydration.  The tap water is safe after you have boiled it but bottled water is easy to buy and not expensive.

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4. Safety While Travelling

Travelling in Egypt is safe, but like anywhere else in the world make sure you follow the advice of the authorities and do not explore areas that are not safe for tourists.

The country has employed strict security protocols.  Always be alert and focused, just like you would be when enjoying the gambling online NZ has to offer.

5. Haggling

Haggling or bargaining is what you do when shopping in Egypt and is part of the culture.  If you are not sure how to go about bargaining check with your local guide and haggling is the norm when shopping at the markets.

Always remember the initial price of something will be exorbitant and begin haggling at a tenth of the initial cost and once you have decided on a final price stick to it and do not back down. The vendor may not agree, walk away and they will usually follow you and accept your price.