7 Tips for International Travel with Children

Even a trip to the supermarket with your kids in tow can be stressful, never mind packing your luggage and heading off to international destination. However, as daunting as it is, being well-prepared will lower the stress levels and make for an enjoyable vacation for all the members of your travel party – no matter how little.

1. Get All Immunisations

Depending on where you’re heading, you’ll likely have to get a few immunisations ahead of setting off. Visit a travel clinic 3 months in advance to ensure that you have enough time for all the necessary immunisations and we advise getting both the required and recommended immunisations – especially important for little ones. The last thing you want is to have to deal with is a sick child in a foreign country.

2. Check Your Passports

If it’s your first international vacation as a family, be sure to sort out everybody’s passports well ahead of time. We recommend getting the process going at least 6 months in advance in case of any hiccups and keep in mind that infant passports are only valid for 3 years in some countries.

3. Prepare Well for Long Flights

Keeping your kids entertained at home is stressful enough, so be sure to prepare well for the long flights ahead. Purchase some new toys for your children – ones that are sure to keep them occupied for more than a few minutes – such as colouring books, stickers, and pens, charge your mobile for the best online pokies in Australia for yourself, and load your tablet with plenty of kid-friendly media for them to enjoy.

4. Bring a Bit of Home on the Journey

International travel can be a bit jarring for youngsters as being far from home can be a distressing process if not handled correctly. To rectify this, bring a piece of home along on your journey such as their favourite toy, storybook, nightlight, or blanket. This will keep them grounded and remind them of home, even if they’re on the other side of the planet.

5. Keep Normal Routines in Place

Another way to ensure a stress-free transition from home to an unfamiliar place is to keep regular routines in place. Whether its eating breakfast together, reading a story before bed, or cuddle time with mom or dad, be sure to keep the routines in place that make them feel safe and comfortable.

6. Top Priorities: Sleep and Sustenance

No matter where you are in the world, sleep and sustenance are the most essential keys to a child’s happiness. Make sure to keep them well-rested and fed, and everything will seem a lot simpler. Design your travel plans around your children and keep late nights and very early mornings to an absolute minimum.

7. Share the Plan and Be Patient

Share the itinerary with your children and help make them part of the decision-making process by giving them a few options for activities each day. Having the children be partly responsible for the activities and arrangements will cut down on plenty of stress.