5 Most Expensive Hotel Constructions Globally

Ever seen an incredible hotel and resort on television and – with your mouth agape – wondered how much it must have cost to construct it?

With the price of construction reaching into the thousands of dollars per m2, it’s easy to understand why these monolith structures cost so much to construct and the ones mentioned below are the most expensive in history – so far.

Top 5 Luxury Hotels in South Africa

South Africa is a destination that many travellers wish they could visit.  The country offers beautiful landscapes, a variety of cultures and a rich history.  South Africa offers excellent accommodation for visitors to this wonderful country.

1. The Cape Grace

The Cape Grace is located in Cape Town at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront.  The waterfront is always bustling and there is lots to see and do at the Waterfront.  The Cape Grace is a luxury hotel and offers an elegant, warm atmosphere.