COVID-19 Travel Tips

With international travel opening up as vaccines come to be more available, many of us are preparing to take much-anticipated holidays!

Although it’s becoming easier to travel, it’s vital to remember that there are nevertheless COVID-19 restrictions to help everyone stay safe. We have some tips to help you prepare for your next trip.

Research The COVID-19 Obligations Of Your Destination

Make sure you know precisely what is required of you throughout your journey. From the country, you’re leaving from to your airline and any transit countries as well as your destination.

Each of these locations may have different requirements when it comes to travel and navigating the risks of the pandemic. Many nations are now accepting visitors who can provide proof of vaccination. These guests are not required to spend time in isolation or quarantine; however, this remains at the discretion of every country’s government.

Travelers who aren’t vaccinated may be capable of travel, however, in most cases, they must produce a negative COVID-19 test before their departure.

Many airports have COVID-19 testing stations available, however, this can be a highly priced exercise and take up valuable time, so it’s better to plan your tests before arriving at the airport.

Airport Procedures

In most cases, a temperature scan will be done before you can enter the airport and present a valid – negative – COVID-19 test.

Just like we do in all public places, you will need to wear your masks at all times while in the airport, follow social distancing protocols, and sanitize regularly.

Are You Covered While Traveling?

The reality is, we are living in a global pandemic and need to be prepared in the event of exposure to the virus.

This requires additional funds for medical expenses and isolation, however, there are forms of travel insurance that cover this. You need to know that if you need to quarantine or isolate, or even need clinical attention, these charges will be covered.

Don’t Forget The Fundamental Vacation Necessities

While these restrictions play a vital part in planning your trip, you still need to pack all the typical necessities.

Of course, face masks, sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and the like must be included, however, don’t forget any medicine that you take, cell phone and laptop chargers, region-specific adaptors, climate-appropriate apparel, and copies of all of your important holiday documents.

It’s always recommended that you do your homework before planning your trip – and these days, that’s truer than ever! Requirements and policies change often as COVID-19 numbers fluctuate.

You don’t want to spend your vacation in isolation or find yourself in warm water because you haven’t followed the guidelines. It is also really worth speaking to your hotel or lodging provider to talk about any of your requirements, as well as what measures they currently have to make sure that you are safe while staying there. That way, you will travel with peace of mind knowing that you are safe and following the correct protocol.