The Future of Luxury Hotels

Hotels have become a necessity in today’s day and age. They allow us to travel anywhere in the world and always have somewhere warm and safe to sleep. They offer everything from basic in-house services for the cheaper options, to entire suites that come complete with their own staff.

The future of the hotel lies in luxury, automation, and providing a restful, memorable experience, and one of the few hotels that can truly boast futuristic luxury is the Kohenur, one of India’s most well known hotels.

Like most international hotels, some offer top of the line restaurants, while others may provide gambling services, such as horse racing betting.

ITC Hotels is one of India’s leading hotel chains, and they’ve recently opened the ITC Kohenur, based in Hyderbad at the beginning of June. The Kohenur is the 12th property that the ITC has opened in its Hotels Luxury Collection, and many consider the Kohenur as the future of luxury hotels.

The Kohenur’s Features

Some of the more interesting luxuries that the Kohenur offers include vitamin C-infused showers, integrated solar power, and 100% LED lighting to cut down on power usage.

Vertical gardens, a modern water recycling system, and a living roof are also included to allow visitors to enjoy a little peace and quiet in a calming environment while they stay.

The hotel is set next to the Durgam Cheruvu River, one of the most beautiful in the world, which offers long walks and incredible scenery.

Being based very near to Hyderabad, which is a sprawling tech hub that’s home to Google, Amazon, and Apple offices, hotel guests have the option of leaving their room to go and check out the burgeoning area that surrounds the Kohenur.

The Rooms And Suites

The Kohenur offers 271 rooms, all of which are integrated with the latest in luxury technology. On top of this, 9 suites are available, including women’s only EBA rooms on their own landing, and 13 wellness rooms dedicated to relaxation and rejuvenation.

There are 27 full-service units that are designed to be used long-term, meaning that visiting executives can stay for as long as they need to without becoming too cramped.

The wellness rooms are equipped with the previously mentioned Vitamin C showers, as well as in-room plants that help to keep air quality at a maximum.

Well-being associates provide “mindful turn-down” services, which cater to individual needs. Guests also have access to gym kits, as well as mini-bars that provide healthy snacks and beverages.

Sleep Programming

ITC has become well-known for its own brand of sleep programming, which includes a sleep and pillow menu that allows the guest to choose exactly how they want their beds to be made up. The focus is on providing a restful night’s sleep to all guests, as well as aromatherapy and sleeping masks.

Other features include access to lighting and temperature control, large, modern televisions that can access just about every network imaginable, and Wi-Fi Internet that offers some of the fastest speeds in the world.