Why You Need To Add Galapagos To Your Bucket List

Galapagos is an archipelago of volcanic islands about 620 miles off the coast of Ecuador and has unique wildlife that is not found anywhere else in the world.

Not only is there an abundance of wildlife, Galapagos also offers many activities to enjoy and a great addition to anyone’s bucket list.

Besides the wildlife the island also has a range of plant life such as Hibiscus and Allamandas that bloom on the islands.  There are also many fruit bearing plants such as Mangoes, Breadfruit and Soursop Trees.

When to Visit?

Galapagos has two main seasons, cool and dry from June to November and warm and wet from December to June.  The warmer season is probably the ideal time to visit as the weather is warmer, the seas are calmer and underwater visibility is good.

There is some rain, but it never rains for long, and if it does you can play some pokies online till it passes.

Activities to Enjoy

Many visitors to Galapagos enjoy snorkelling, as it is one of the best ways to get close to the wildlife. Snorkelling is much easier than scuba diving and no training as such is required.

Visitors will just need to be briefed with regard to a few things before going out.  It is probably best to snorkel in groups or with someone else and an underwater camera is a definite bonus.  It is often easy to get close to the underwater wildlife, as they are not usually afraid of humans.

The one animal to avoid though is a Sea Lion Bull, they are considered dangerous.  Interesting underwater wildlife includes Galapagos Shark, Marine Iguanas and Sally Lightfoot Crabs.

Because the Galapagos Islands are protected and are considered to be a national park not all areas are open to visitors.  There are clearly marked trails for visitors.  Some examples include a lava rock trail.  The abundance of wildlife includes Blue-Footed Boobies, Marine Iguanas and Sea Lions.

A great view is offered from Sierra Negra, which is one of the highest volcano calderas in the world.  Visitors can also enjoy hiking across the mangrove estuaries that will give visitors an indication of the vast diverse landscapes of the islands.

Adventure Options

Kayaking is another option to explore the shorelines of the islands and it’s great to be able to explore the coves and estuaries and stop off and visit the beautiful beaches.

This will also offer visitors the chance to see much of the wildlife both in the water and on land.  Another great attractionare the Galapagos penguins.  In order to kayak, visitors will be required to get permission from the National Park and it is important to follow the guidelines strictly.

For those who enjoy horseback riding, Santa Cruz offers a trail.  This trail offers wonderful views, stunning scenery and another opportunity to see unique wildlife.

For the more adventurous visitor cycling is also offered.  The island offers various tours from intermediate to advanced cyclists and there are also endurance challenges that take visitors through spectacular scenery.