The Most High-Tech Hotels In The World

Technology has become a vital part of the modern world and is used for everything from international communication to navigation to just about everything imaginable. Not only does today’s technology give us conveniences that our ancestors could only have dreamt of, but it also allows us to enjoy a wide range of various comforts aimed at improving our lives.

When it comes to hotels, not all of them have decided to fully adopt new and upcoming technologies. But for those that have, it has transformed the way that they operate, adding layers of comfort and automation that are more than enough of a reminder to visitors that we are indeed living in the future. With that in mind, the following are some of the most high-tech hotels from across the world.

1. The Yotel

The Yotel, located in New York City, is a one-of-a-kind hotel that provides a range of different systems that make it easier for visitors to enjoy what the venue has to offer. Fold up beds and automatic check-in kiosks are just some of the features on offer, but one of the most famous is a robot that it able to store luggage in locked bins, whose name is YOBOT.

Visitors can retrieve their items later with a special pin code that is given to them. Motrion sensor air condition, incredibly fast wireless internet, and much more all make The Yotel a truly unique experience.

2. Eccleston Square

From the outside Eccleston Square looks like any other hotel set in an older region of London, but looks can be deceiving. Once guests are inside, they quickly realise that this hotel is anything but old, where they have access to a range of various technologies designed to make them as comfortable as possible.

Special touch pads that can control both the lighting and the music, along with flat screen TVs that are in the bathroom mirrors, as well as tablets that can be used to order any service that the hotel offers. There are just under 40 rooms available at this establishment, but there are few others that can offer the same range of exciting technologies.

3. Pengsheng Space Capsules

Perhaps one of the most advanced hotels in the world, the Pengsheng Space Capsules Hotel is straight out of a futuristic science fiction novel. Almost all of the staff are robots, including the receptionists, doormen, and waiters.

The rooms are designed to be as minimalistic as possible, and guests will find that they are never too far from a computer or touch screen that they can use to get just about anything that they want, from browsing the net to playing the latest on It’s a look into what the future of hotels may look like one day.

4. Hotel 1000

Found in the US city of Seattle, Hotel 1000 sets itself apart due to the customisation that they offer their guests. Guests can choose the ambience, artwork, temperature, and more for each room. Sensors in the room alert staff when guests are there or not, and special touchscreen Surface Pros can be found throughout the hotel, providing a litany of various services.