Keeping Money Safe When Travelling

Going on a trip is always exciting, but careful planning is required, especially when it comes to money.

In many countries tourists are targeted, especially by pickpockets or those who take advantage of them being in unfamiliar surroundings and perhaps dropping their guard a bit.

To help you out, here are a few tips to keep your money safe and to ensure a trip with no disappointments.

Credit or Cash

Using credit is the best way to go, but the only problem with this is that you may be tempted to overspend.  So discipline is required.  Using cash makes it easier to stick to a budget and ensures that you only spend a certain amount of money.

The only problem is that if your wallet gets stolen you may run the risk of losing all of your cash.

If your credit card gets stolen you will not be liable for any charges made, but it may take some time for the money to be returned.  It is always good to have some cash available for emergencies.

Having a daily budget also helps with overspending.  Also ensure that your credit or debit card is accepted in the country you are visiting.  In some cases there may also be transaction fees charged when currency is converted.

If you are going to use cash it is best to break it up into smaller bits and not keep all of it on you.  Most hotels will have a safe where you can keep extra cash in for safe keeping.

Do not be careless and leave cash or credit cards in your hotel room, as theft has been known to occur.  Most hotels and resorts have ATM’s close by which means that you do not have to withdraw large amounts of cash.  The safest place to keep travel money is in the bank and should only be withdrawn when necessary.

Holidays are relaxing and a chance to have fun!  That being said, be aware of flashing large amounts of cash that you may have withdrawn from an ATM or won while enjoying a bit of the best betting guides available online has to offer, as this can draw the wrong kind of attention.  Rather only take what you need for the day out.

Make Copies of Account Details

Keeping a record of account and customer service contact numbers will be of great help if a credit or debit card goes missing or is stolen.  When a lost or stolen card is reported the call centre will ask for account information.

It is always advisable to consider the worst-case scenario and make copies of both the front and back of the cards and keep customer service numbers in a safe place.  Give copies to a friend before leaving and leave a copy at the hotel.

ATM Safety

Use ATM’s that are located in hotels or busy areas.  Avoid secluded ATM’s as this makes it easier for criminals to steal without being noticed.

Visit ATM’s during busy times, not late at night or early mornings.  A good option is drive-up ATM’s where you can keep your car running and the doors locked.  Also never go to an ATM alone!