How To Stay Safe While Travelling

They say that travelling around the world is an experience that everyone should partake in at one point or another during the course of their lives. Not only does it allow them to see and meet people from other cultures, but it gives them a taste of how the rest of the world operates.

One of the biggest problems with travelling is the romanticized idea that the entire trip will be nothing but pleasant, but the truth is that a traveller will encounter some problems along the way, and one of the most notable is crime, especially when in a foreign country.

Local criminals are extremely good at picking out when a foreign traveller is making their way through a country and will go to great lengths to try and exploit that traveller as much as possible. Fortunately, travel does not have to be ruined for those travellers that are willing to follow these simple tips and tricks.

Learn The Basics Of The Local Language

One of the most common ways that foreign travellers get scammed is by not having a thorough understanding of the basics of the language within the country that they are visiting. A common example of this is when the traveller visits a restaurant, where they will be given a menu that’s designed to try and get more money out of them.

Much of this can be completely avoided by taking the time to learn the basics of the language before setting out, such as how to ask for directions, how to read menus, and more.

Even a rudimentary understanding of the basics can give the traveller a serious advantage and will help them avoid most of the more common scams they may come across.

Hide All Luxury Items

A person that tends to show off their wealth will invariably become a target, especially if they are in a region where the locals might be suffering from poverty. Having expensive jewellery and electronics on display is not a good idea, and it’s recommended to keep such items hidden away in a backpack or a pocket.

If a hotel or backpackers provides lockboxes, it’s also a good idea to keep valuable items, such as necklaces, rings, cameras, and important documents locked away while out for the day. Just make sure to check that no one else in the hotel has access to the lockbox.

Stay Indoors At Night

It’s always tempting to go out at night while travelling; there are night markets, restaurants, bars, and so many other things to see. And as tempting as it may be, it’s always a good idea to try and stay indoors after a certain time at night and staying in bed with the latest from

Along with this, a traveller will want to make sure that they are not in a bad part of town, that they are never too far away from other people, and that they are in well-lit areas. If they find themselves in a bad area, they should seek out a public place where there are other people, and then arrange for adequate transportation back to their hotel.