Saving Money When Booking Hotels

Most people that want to travel will never even bother to look at the prices of rooms for luxury hotels. For the most part, these kinds of rooms can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to book, which generally puts it outside of the budget of most people.

But everyone should endeavour to stay at a luxury hotel at least once in their lives, and sometimes the only way to do this is by using the following tricks to get the very best deals on hotel rooms that are normally prohibitively expensive.

Always Book Directly

Firstly, one of the best ways of immediately cutting down on cost is by booking directly with the hotel. When using 3rd party services to make bookings, there will almost always be a bunch of extra charges that can push the cost up.

When the bookings are particularly expensive, these extra fees can make a significant difference to the overall cost of the booking, so much so that it can make it well above what most people can afford. Always contact the hotel directly by phoning them or sending an email and getting a price list.

Book At Certain Times Of The Season

The prices of hotel rooms ebbs and flows depending on the season. This is why it’s a good idea to have an idea of when the busy season is in the region that you’re interested in staying in.

Hotels and other types of accommodation will generally increase their prices dramatically during the busy season, both to make more money from holidaymakers, but also because of the extreme increase in overall demand for hotel rooms.

Along with this, booking as early as possible can make a big difference, as it means grabbing a room at the lowest price during the off-season or during a large sport or cultural event, such as Cricket World Cup betting, instead of waiting until the last minute, an opportunity that most hotels will jump on to make a bit of extra money.

Avoid Food Costs

Another way to really cut back on the costs is by avoiding the meals that luxury hotels offer. Food is usually a major expense, especially at luxury hotels that have trained chefs on staff. It can mean saving a lot of money to avoid eating at the hotel, and rather going out and trying local street foods and other cheaper means of eating.

Hotel stayers often underestimate just how much food can add to their bill by the time they are ready to pack up and leave.

Skip The Bar, Too

Another way that hotels make an extra bit of money with every person that stays is by hiking up the prices of the drinks at the bar, or by only selling drinks that cost a lot to make.

This is why it’s never worth spending money at the bar, and rather go out to local pubs and clubs to get cheap drinks instead, which can make a huge difference to a traveller’s budget.