Tips for Travellers to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a country filled with culture, wildlife and friendly locals.  This country is situated between India and Southeast Asia.

Here are a few tips to consider before travelling to this beautiful country.

Tourism is Developing

When travelling to any country, safety is always a concern.  Sri Lanka was in the past an unsafe country to visit due to a civil war between 1983 and 2009.

Since the war ended the country has begun rebuilding itself and tourism has improved considerably.  As with any country it is always best to be safety conscious especially for first time visitors.

Because of the past there are some areas in Sri Lanka, which may not seem quite ready for tourists.  Many of the roads are unpaved and narrow.

English is not widely spoken in some areas, but for adventurous visitors the non-tourist areas are great for exploring.

Sri Lanka is Expensive

Sri Lanka is an expensive country to visit.  Many of the goods to Sri Lanka are imported.  The hotels in the high-end resorts are expensive so visitors on a budget should opt for local food, which is more reasonable, unless they’ve won big while Australian sports betting and can afford to splash out.

The upscale hotels are also expensive, but there is budget-friendly accommodation available.  Visitors should take cash with them, as this is what is needed in most places.

Getting Around Sri Lanka

Most foreign drivers will need to have a special drivers licence when wanting to rent a car.  Besides a licence from your own country an international driving permit is also needed.

The rules of the road are different here and the traffic is crazy, so you may want to think twice before driving here.

Because driving is stressful many visitors opt for hiring a driver.  These drivers are usually attached to tour companies and can offer personal tours.  These tours are a great way to get to know the country.

Food and Drink

Sri Lanka has excellent cuisine that includes egg hoppers, a staple food, fresh crab curry and coconut sambal.  Western food can be found, but will usually disappoint and these types of dishes are often very expensive.

It is advisable for visitors to stick to bottled water, as tap water is probably not safe.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit to Sri Lanka is between December and March; this is if visiting the west and south coasts.  If visiting the east coast the best time between April and September.

Because Sri Lanka is in close proximity to the equator the temperatures remain mostly constant all year round.


Sri Lanka is also famous for its wildlife and is a great spot to find a variety of animals.

The Lanka Yala National Park has the most leopards in Asia and the Minneriya National Park has a group of elephants that gather there each year, known as “The Gathering”.

Another great spot to visit is at Mirissa where visitors can watch dolphins and whales.  Sri Lanka also has many different types of monkeys and a variety of birds.